Programme and dates of EWLA 2016

Registration will open on 12th July, at 17:00 in the Grand Hotel Union Grand Foyer. The registration will be followed by Icebreaker reception at Grand Hotel Union Garden at 19:00 - be sure not to miss it.

Invited speakers

Prof. Richard E. Russo (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA) – "Expanding Laser Ablation ICP-MS Capabilities with Simultaneous LIBS and LAMIS".
Prof. Detlef Günther (ETH Zürich, Switzerland) – "Enhanced capabilities of Laser Ablation Coupled to Inductively Coupled Plasma-Time Of Flight-Mass Spectrometry".
Dr. Vincent Motto-Ros (University of Lyon, France) – "Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for 2D and 3D Elemental Imaging of Biological Tissue".

Important dates

12 July 2016: Start of EWLA2016

30 September 2016: Full paper submission (JAAS themed issue)


EWLA2016 has an agreement with JAAS for a themed issue from the work presented at the conference. Submitted articles, based on oral or poster presentations given at the meeting, will be considered for publication as original research papers (i.e. full papers, urgent Communications or Technical notes) or review articles (Perspective, Critical review or Tutorial review). The submission deadline will be September 30, 2016 and all submitted papers will be subject to assessment and peer review according to the usual JAAS standards.

Scientific programme

Wednesday, 13th July

Registration - Grand Hotel Union, Grand Foyer

Opening of EWLA2016

Session 1 - Laser matter interaction (chair: Christophe Pecheyranan)

Plenary - Richard E. Russo (presented by Jhanis Gonzalez): Expanding Laser Ablation ICP-MS Capabilities with Simultaneous LIBS and LAMIS

Josef Krása, Ernesto Giuffreda, Domenico Delle Side and Vincenzo Nassisi: Target current - new characteristic of laser ablation

Sarah Gilbert, Leonid Danyushevsky, Paul Olin, Jay Thompson: Sources of elemental fractionation during the ablation of sulphide minerals

Coffee break - sponsored by Aerodrom Ljubljana

Session 2 - Earth sciences and isotope analysis (chair: Sarah Gilbert)

Fanny Claverie, Amelie Hubert, Sylvain Berail, Ariane Donard, Fabien Pointurier, Christophe Pecheyran: Improving Precision and Accuracy of Isotope Ratios from Short Transient Laser Ablation-Multicollector-Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry Signals: Application to Micrometer-Size Uranium Particles

Grant Craig, Matthew Horstwood, Helen Reid, Barry Sharp: ‘Blind-time’ issues during LA-MCICP- MS of sub-micron uranium oxide particles

Daniel A. Frick, Michael Tatzel, Jan A. Schuessler, Friedhelm von Blanckenburg: Studying weathering processes on the Earths’ surface using simultaneous stable metal isotope and chemical composition analysis

Xin-Yuan Zheng, Brian L. Beard, Seungyeol Lee, Thiruchelvi R. Reddy, Huifang Xu, James J. Schauer, Clark M. Johnson: Contrasting sizes and Fe isotope compositions of particles produced by ns- and fs-laser ablation of natural Fe minerals

Lunch - sponsored by Agilent Technologies

Lunch seminar at Banquet room - Agilent Technologies

Session 3 - Standardization and precise measurements (chair: Wolfgang Müller)

Maximilian Bonta, Andreas Limbeck: Tandem LA/LIBS for the comprehensive analysis of trace elements in polymers

Thomas Zack, Johan Hogmalm: Beta decay-based laser ablation ICP-MS/MS dating

Michael J. Pribil, Alan E. Koenig, W. Ian Ridley, Stephen A. Wilson: Advances, challenges and the need for matrix matched isotopic reference material for high precision S, Sr and Pb in situ laser ablation MC-ICP-MS analysis

Todor Todorov, Patrick Gray: Multi-elemental determination of bulk food samples using laser ablation ICP-MS

Poster session 1 - Coffee break, Exhibition

Forum session 1 - Challenges in standardization and precise measurements

Introductory 1: Klaus P. Jochum, Ralf Schiebel, Dorothea S. Macholdt, Ulrike Weis, Brigitte Stoll, Gerald H. Haug, Meinrat O. Andreae: High-resolution Analyses using Femto- and Nanosecond Laser Ablation-ICP-Mass Spectrometry

Introductory 2: Leonid Danyushevsky, Sarah Gilbert, Paul Olin, Ivan Belousov, Michael Shelley, Jay Thompson: Effects of the excimer laser pulse width, energy and wave length, the geometry of carrier gas flow and interface tubing configuration on elemental fractionation during analysis of silicate materials

Forum discussions (moderated by Klaus P. Jochum and Leonid Danyushevsky)

Thursday, 14th July

Session 4 - Instrumental developments 1. (chair: Jhanis Gonzales)

Memorial talk for Teresa Jeffries

Plenary - Detlef Günther (presented by Bodo Hattendorf): Capabilities of Laser Ablation-Inductively Coupled Plasma Time of Flight Mass Spectrometry

Jan Fietzke, Matthias Frische: Experimental evaluation of elemental behavior during LA-ICPMS: influences of plasma conditions and limits of plasma robustness

Vasily N. Lednev, Sergey M. Pershin: Picosecond Pulses Train vs Nanosecond Pulse Laser Ablation and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

Coffee break - sponsored by Tofwerk

Session 5 - Instrumental developments 2. (chair: Bodo Hattendorf)

Pavel Moreno-García, Valentine Grimaudo, Andreas Riedo, Maike B. Neuland, Marek Tulej, Peter Wurz, Peter Broekmann: Chemical analysis of solid materials by a LIMS instrument designed for space research: nm and sub-nm depth profiling and molecular desorption studies

Jorge Pisonero, Cristina González-Gago, Miguel Iglesias, Rodrigo Cuervo, David Blanco, Heather Stoll, Nerea Bordel: Fast wash-out cells and aerosol mixing devices for geochemical applications of LA-ICP-MS

Amy J. Managh, Matthew S.A. Horstwood, Helen J. Reid, Barry L. Sharp: A universal solution to improve aerosol transport in biological and geological imaging

Irene M. Carrasco-García, José M. Vadillo, J. Javier Laserna: A “quick look” at ultrafast ablation using fs-resolved phase-change microscopy

Lunch - sponsored by ASI

Session 6 - LA-ICP-MS imaging (chair: Johannesn T. van Elteren)

Mandy Großgarten, Dominik Schorn, Daniel Deiting, Helmut Ahrens, Michael Sperling, Uwe Karst: Evaluating the Osseointegration of Endoprostheses Using Elemental Bioimaging by Means of LA-ICP-MS

Antje Jutta Herrmann, Sandra Techritz, Ulrich Panne, Larissa Mueller: Simple and fast metal staining procedures for identification of single cells via laser ablation ICP-MS

Heike Traub, Daniela Drescher, Tina Büchner, Janina Kneipp, Norbert Jakubowski: Studying cellular uptake and processing of nanoparticles by LA-ICP-MS

Sarah Theiner, Christoph Kornauth, Alexander E. Egger, Hristo P. Varbanov, Ekaterina Brynzak, Anton Legin, Petra Heffeter, Walter Berger, Markus Galanski, Bernhard K. Keppler, Gunda Koellensperger: Bioimaging by LA-ICP-MS in preclinical metal-based anticancer drug development

Poster session 2 - Coffee break, Exhibition

Forum session 2 - Future of imaging

Introductory 1: Stijn J. M. Van Malderen, Thibaut Van Acker, Eva Vergucht, Laszlo Vincze, Maarten de Rijcke, Colin Janssens, Frank Vanhaecke: High-resolution 3D and (sub-)cellular level LA-ICP-MS imaging approaches: accumulation of toxic metals in biological material

I ntroductory 2: Marcel Burger, Alexander Gundlach-Graham, Gunnar Schwarz, Debora Käser, Lyndsey Hendriks, Jérôme Käslin, Bodo Hattendorf, Detlef Günther: ICP-TOFMS analysis of transient signals generated by laser ablation

Forum discussions (moderated by Stijn J.M. Van Malderen and Marcel Burger)

Friday, 15th July

Session 7 - Various imaging approaches and applications 1 (chair: Michael Sperling)

Plenary: Vincent Motto-Ros: Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for 2D and 3D Elemental Imaging of Biological Tissue

B eatriz Fernández, Sandra Carrasco-Gil, Pablo Díaz-Benito, Sara M. Rodríguez, Silvia Queipo, Jose Ignacio García, Ana Álvarez-Fernández, Javier Abadía, Raviraj Banakar, Paul Christou, Rosario Pereiro, Alfredo Sanz-Medel: Bioimaging of tissues by LA-ICP-MS: Studies with enriched stable isotopes and genetically modified plants

Markéta Tesařová, Marie Šejnohová, Pavel Pořízka , Tomáš Zikmund, Karel Novotný, Lucie Sancey, Vincent Motto-Ros, Olivier Tillement, Jozef Kaiser: Use of X-ray micro computed tomography and Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for 3D high-resolution elemental mapping

Coffee break - sponsored by Mikro+Polo

Session 8 - Various imaging approaches and applications 2 (chair: Viktor Kanický)

Katarina Vogel-Mikuš, Johannes Teun van Elteren, Marta Debeljak, Iztok Arčon, Peter Kump, Andreas Karydas, Primož Pelicon: LA-ICP-MS, PI XE and synchrotron-μ-XRF to study trace element distribution in biological systems 11:10 Stephan Wagner, Frederik Blaschke, Hans-Joachim Stärk, Eberhard Küster, Thorsten Reemtsma: Spatial distribution pattern of MRT and X-ray contrast agents in zebrafish embryos

Andreas Riedo, Pavel-Moreno-García, Valentine Grimaudo, Maike B. Neuland, Marek Tulej, Peter Broekman, Peter Wurz: Detection of Biosigantures in Space Research using a miniature LIMS

Christoph M. Ahamer, K. Riepl, S. Eschlböck-Fuchs, N. Huber, J. Heitz and J.D. Pedarnig: Femtosecond laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy of thin films


The hands-on LA-ICP-MS course is offered one day ahead of the EWLA2016, on Tuesday, July 12National Institute of Chemistry (NIC) in Ljubljana. The course is jointly organized by NIC and Teledyne Cetac/Photon Machines.

This one-day course is intended for researchers/students and lab managers/technicians working or intending to work with imaging by LA-ICP-MS equipment. It will take the participants step-by-step through the concepts and techniques for successful LA-ICP-MS imaging. The course will be divided in two parts: 1. theory (multiple lectures) and 2. practical hands-on demonstration (three modules). Participants will rotate through these modules in three groups with a maximum of 8 participants per group. The number of course participants is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration for the course can be made from within the registration form of the EWLA2016; just note your interest in the comments section and wait for confirmation from organizers.

The tentative agenda of the course can be found here.

Coffee and lunch are included in the price of the course (80€).

Prerequisite for the hands-on course registration is a regular or student EWLA2016 registration.

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